A list of Founders and Patrons of Narrative

Hello Team, It would be great, if we can get the list of Founders and Patrons of Narrative. They might be interested in Narrative Open Source. Their CS handles or list would be great to ask them to join the discussion about Narrative 2.0 if they're interested and we might get some more ideas to save Narrative. I hope you understand what we're trying to do here and will show your quick support on it. ---- If you're a Founder or Patron on Narrative, feel free to join the discussions on...

Sunsetting Narrative

After several weeks of deliberation and looking at all our options, we are sad to announce that we are sunsetting Narrative. We just published this blog post on the platform. Make sure you read the blog to understand how you can download your content before December 30, 2019. Here is an FAQ on downloading your content as well. As we noted in the blog, market events, regulatory uncertainty, and limited resources have forced us to make this very hard decision. Thank you for being on this...

Spam/low quality

There are two people bombarding two of my niches with low quality posts. including the front page of Narrative. Can these people be banned or suspended for a time to avoid Narrative looking utterly ridiculous to potential new members? The posts are titled "Nice Picture" for there most part but will add a few more words. Thank you in advance.

Publications - subscriptions?

I recently stumbled upon the Medium Publication for Narrative (which is how I found Narrative back last February when I joined) and I read this which caused me to relook at the roadmap, and I don't see it spelled out there, so my question is: Is this still in the plan? I have hesitated to create a publication, but may do so, if setting subscriptions is still on the table to be coming. Thanks.

Assessment Underway

Hey everyone, I just posted this in the Narrative Blog. We are taking time to assess how things are working and analyzing improvements/solutions. The suggestions posted on this site will be taken into consideration.

Narrative Wallets

I redeemed some NRVE on two occasions (12-aug-2019 and 21-aug-2019). But I just noticed that the sending wallets are not included in the list here: . Wallets: AN4TeefZ3JqHsi2xXaygFwDPrGVFAtzfAB ALhSzYyhB3Bu7KseSYYK3cW19w9frEQFoM Just a mistake on the page or other explanation?

Does the Fathom code get injected into already published pages?

Hello Team, I've entered a Fathom ID but inspecting the source of some of the articles on the NEO publication, I'm seeing the "siteId" string has a value of "" (emptystring). I'm not seeing any analytics come up on my Fathom dashboard. I'm not supremely confident that I've installed the open source version of Fathom correctly on my server because their guide doesn't really explain everything. So there's a chance I've simply done something wrong or missed a step. That said, the empty string...

Reputation "Stuck"?

I am not entirely sure if this is an issue or not, but my Quality Analysis on my reputation has been stuck at 67 for an extremely long time, neither fluctuating up, or down. I have a number of posts that have made high quality status, I comment and like regularly on other posts that are, or become high quality. I even had a post that made the #1 spot under Featured on the Discover tag. (I was super happy about that!!) I have downvoted a few obvious spam AUP violation posts in the general...

New Flipbook on Getting Started in Narrative

As mentioned in my blog post on Narrative, we have a new flip book that provides a quick overview of Narrative. It's written for new members but others might find it valuable as well. Don't want to read the blog? Here is the direct link to the flip-book . Enjoy.

Publication Post

I was writing a post to my publication and couldn't tag the Publishing niche. Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to tag a particular niche? Is it because I own the niche? Or do you have a limit to the number of niches a publication can tag?

Post not showing in my journal

My last post shows up in the 3 niches I tagged. but it's not showing up in my journal. I've tried to edit it and see what I did different but I can't find anywhere to check a box for "post to journal" I didn't do anything different than I've done before. This is the post: It's probably something simple that I can't see!

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

Hey Everyone, We decided to form a Community Advisory Group (CAG) with a small group of active community members. Similar to how we integrated a few community members into the Tribunal, this is an early model for "The Narrative Committee". The CAG is voluntary and is not the official Narrative Committee, but we want to start modeling some of this dialogue and see what works. The volunteer CAG will have a monthly video call with Narrative staff to discuss priorities, approaches and solicit...