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Welcome to the February edition of Narrative @ Work. We’re committed to keeping you well-informed with progress being made on all fronts as we journey toward our public launch in April 2019. Narrative @ Work complements our newsletter — be sure to subscribe to receive Narrative News in your inbox.

Although a short month, February was packed with feature releases. We rolled out Certification, onboarding enhancements, a major Reputation formula update, and a Niche slot limit increase. We also overhauled the Narrative Community in anticipation of the public launch in April.

Here’s a look back at February:

Development Update

Narrative Alpha

February brought a major release starring Certification. Certification is an optional process that establishes your individual identity (behind the scenes) and opens up additional benefits in Narrative. The cost is $10 for a limited time (until the public Beta launch, when it goes up to $15). To get Certified, visit the Certification tab in your profile.

We also announced that we’d be doing a soft “community launch” in March of content streams, at which point all pre-published content will go live ahead of the public launch.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in the works for content streams:

stream (1)

Want all the details? Our CTO Brian Lenz breaks it down: The Countdown is On: Narrative Official Public Beta Launch Slated for April 2!

Here’s what else the dev team has been up to in February:

  • Addressed the Reputation bug and reworked the overall reputation formula. Quality Analysis now represents 60% of a member’s Reputation score (40% previously) and Certification represents 30% (10% previously).
  • Added a new onboarding step to the registration process that allows new users to select Niches they are interested in.
  • Putting finishing touches on the Post page UI.
  • Finalized quality and age rating framework for posts and comments.
  • Developing new software deployment strategy to reduce user impact during updates.
  • Content Stream development is well underway.

Other Company News


Since we’ve supported content drafting, there are now nearly 600 posts that are set to pre-publish once the beta goes live in March! We’ve increased the maximum number of Niche slots (Niches you can own) per member from 5 to 10.


The Narrative Community has been abuzz with activity since we updated it earlier this month. It is now easier to post and track a question, issue, or suggestion. You can also share a tip or compliment, and start a conversation. We’ve updated our Frequently Asked Questions too.


Although we’re in stealth mode, we’re growing by 800 new members a month and have been steadily unlocking the waitlist to new members who are contributing to the increase in Niche suggestions and purchased Niches. 795 Niches have been purchased to date by 316 members. You can keep up with the latest Network Stats here.

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We welcome your feedback! Please let us know what you think on our official community site:

Narrative is currently in a private Alpha phase that only supports the development of draft content, Niches and Moderators, with the public launch slated for April 2019. Want to get on the waitlist?

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