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This is the fifth and last blog in our series that takes a deeper dive into the early Niches created and purchased in Narrative. The first, Niches Galore — A Universe of Opportunities, featured the first 600+ purchased Niches.  (Side note: we now have more than 750 purchased Niches). The five largest Niche themes were Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Cryptocurrency, and Places. In previous posts, we explored Places,  Lifestyle, and Sports themed Niches. Today, I dive into the the last two:  Technology and Cryptocurrency.

It is not surprising that Technology and Cryptocurrency were top themes or categories of Niches early on.  After all, Narrative was able to jump start our development of the platform with a token sale of NRVE—the underlying cryptocurrency that powers the content economy deployed by the Narrative platform. Those that participated in the token sale were our first Alpha members and had a chance to suggest lots of Niches before we started the waitlist to unlock the Alpha to others a couple months later. Examples of purchased Niches in the Cryptocurrency theme include: Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Nano Currency, ICO, Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP), Digital Wallets, and even ICO Scam Alerts. It is worth noting that the very first Niche purchased is called Staking and Masternodes, a topic that crypto enthusiasts will enjoy.

Technology Niches purchased include Internet of Things, Computers, Programming Languages, Open Platform, Java, Web Development, and Emerging Technology.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of other Niches with a technology bend that we categorized in other themes like music and gaming. Given that technology is coupled with nearly everything we do today, it is not surprising that this term comes up a lot in the Niche descriptions.

Here are some available Technology and Cryptocurrency related Niches currently approved and available in the Auction side of Narrative:

Available Niches

In late January, we launched the Content Drafting function. Content creators are now able to create content and pick the Niches that most closely align with their topic. Content creators can submit their posts to up to 3 Niches. For example, if I draft a post about new software I am working with and how hard or easy it is to use, I might choose a few technology related Niches.  Here is an example of how this would work in Narrative.

Select 3 Niches

As a reminder, content will not be viewable to the public until we launch the beta. Until then, you can pre-publish content onto your favorite active (purchased) Niches and it will be auto published day one of the Beta launch.

Want to learn more about Niches? See our Niche explainer video:

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Narrative is currently in a private Alpha phase that only supports the development of draft content, Niches and Moderators, with the full-featured Beta set to launch in March 2019. Want to get on the waitlist?

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