The Countdown is On: Narrative Official Public Beta Launch Slated for April 2!


Today’s release includes the rollout of Certification, onboarding enhancements, a major Reputation formula update, and a Niche slot limit increase. Before we go into the details on that, we’re excited to share some exciting news! Now that many of the key elements of the platform are in place, we are laser focused on building content pages and streams leading up to the official Beta launch, which is now slated for April 2, 2019.

We will have one more major release in March ahead of the official public launch, at which point pre-published content will go live. Although the content will be public during this “community soft launch” phase, we’ve decided to maintain the sign up waitlist until the “official public Beta launch” on April 2 so we can give our existing community of Narrators a chance to play around, test, and start seeding Niches with great content.

Back to today’s release…

Certification is Live!

Certification is an optional process that establishes your individual identity (behind the scenes) and opens up additional benefits in Narrative. It does not force you to expose your real name on Narrative. One of the reasons we chose to offer this incentive is that we’ve seen the issues that other platforms have had with bots and want to incentivize “real humans” to participate. This type of ID verification is sometimes called KYC or “Know Your Customer” in banking circles.

Why would I want to get Certified?

If you go through the certification process you can:

  • Boost your Reputation score
  • Be elected as a Niche Moderator
  • View age-restricted content if you are 18+
  • Get a “Certified” status box on your profile
  • Redeem NRVE points that total a value of more than $600 USD per year

What information do I need to provide?

You’ll need to submit a selfie photograph that includes a piece of paper with the date and the words “Narrative Certification” on it. You’ll also need to submit an ID from this list of acceptable documents.

How are you processing and securing my information?

We’re only retaining your birth month/year, your country, and creating a unique ID for you in our system (called a “hash”). Narrative will never store your real name or your ID information at all on our servers, and we are only retaining the birth month/year in order to age-gate restricted content. We are working with Onfido, a leading third-party processor. Onfido is founded and based in the UK and is trusted with ID verification by more than 1,500 global companies. Once the validation occurs, your data will be deleted.

The cost is $10 for a limited time (until the public Beta launch, when it goes up to $15). To get Certified, visit the Certification tab in your profile.

Other updates in this release:

Reputation Adjustments

Reputation is the key to ensuring a quality experience on Narrative. By correlating reputation with actions, the influence anyone has in the network is always based upon the established reputation that each has earned.

As Ted mentioned on the Community, there was previously a bug in our reputation system that was improperly rewarding and demeriting certain actions. In this release, we’ve addressed that bug and have reworked the overall reputation formula. Quality Analysis now represents 60% of a member’s Reputation score (40% previously) and Certification represents 30% (10% previously). The reasoning behind increasing the Certification component is that Certification proves you are a real, unique human being, which is a key component to curtailing bots. SimpleRep has been replaced by a new Conduct Status, which accounts for the remaining 10% of your reputation (Simple Rep was previously 40%). Your Conduct Status is always in one of two states: Neutral or Negative, so members will either get 10 or 0 points for that component.

Another key factor of your Conduct Status is that members who are Conduct Negative are prohibited from taking many actions on the platform. This includes: suggesting and bidding on Niches, voting and rating, being nominated for any position, posting, and commenting. It's a "time out box" meant to act as a trip wire for bad actors. The duration of the Conduct Negative penalty is determined by a formula that compounds as the volume and frequency of actions increase. The weight of your negative actions will decay with time, so a negative action from 3 months ago won't have the same impact as a negative action from yesterday. You can reset your Conduct Negative status (one time) by becoming Certified. To learn more about how Reputation works, visit the Reputation section of our Specification.


We’ve added a new onboarding step to our registration process that allows new users to select Niches they are interested in. This will ensure new users have interests selected so that they have customized content streams as soon as content goes live.

Niche Owners can now purchase up to 10 Niches

We’ve increased the maximum number of Niche slots (Niches you can own) per member from 5 to 10. Niches are core to the content experience in Narrative. As Narrative is a network for the people, by the people, the Niche ownership limit acts as a decentralization mechanism to prevent whales from hoarding niches. Many existing Niche Owners who were maxed out at five Niches expressed interest in purchasing additional Niches, which led us to revisit the maximum.

We invite you to dive in and test out these new features. As always, if you catch a bug or have a suggestion, please submit a support topic.

(Title Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash)

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Narrative is currently in a private Alpha phase that only supports the development of draft content, Niches and Moderators, with the official public Beta launch set for April 2, 2019. Want to get on the waitlist?

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