Welcome to the Content Network where Creators Rule and are Rewarded


Narrative puts creators first and helps them connect with their audience.

We’re flipping the Big Social model by putting the members in charge, making good content easy to find, and distributing 60 percent of revenue to creators. We believe content creators should be compensated for their work, not just the platforms on which they publish it. 

What is Narrative? 

Why Post on Narrative?

In Narrative, content is rated by the community, and quality is rewarded. Aside from earning Narrative Rewards, you'll have total control of your content and data, (actual) freedom of speech, and a built-in way to connect to relevant readers, all on an elegant platform that showcases YOUR work

Once you become a Narrator, you can grab your handle and start creating (or republishing) content and save it as a draft for future publication or pre-publish it, tagging it to relevant Niches so it goes live when the Narrative Beta launches in March. 

As an early content creator in Narrative, you'll also be part of the early Narrative Rewards pool. (Content creators earn 60% of the revenue!)

Join us in building a new content society.


Here's an overview of creating content in Narrative:


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