SXSW 2019

Austin, Texas

Narrative CEO Rosemary O’Neill has been invited to speak as a panelist on the Blockchain vs VC: Democratizing Access to Capital panel along with 22X Fund’s Ashwini Anburajan and Springboard Enterprises Nicole Hamilton.

Panel Description:

Blockchain, ICOs, and tokenization have opened up a new world for entrepreneurs and fledgling investors, completely disrupting the economic model and funding cycle for startups. For innovators trying to get around the barriers and bias in venture capital, crypto could be a game changer. Will blockchain be the death of VC?

The founders and investors on this panel have raised a tokenized VC fund and run successful ICOs including 22X Fund and Narrative Network, deploying investment into nearly 30 companies and funding more women and minorities than traditional VC. We will discuss the growing landscape of options for startup funding, the role cryptocurrency has to play, and the rewards and dangers of a not-so-distant future where everybody has access to their slice of the pie.


Exact date/timing TBA, but the panel will be part of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency track, which is slated for March 14–16.


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