Women Entrepreneurs Charleston (Speaking)

Charleston, SC

Narrative CEO Rosemary O'Neill will present the keynote at this Women Entrepreneurs Charleston meeting.

How to Use Community as a Business Building Strategy

Did you know that according to research firm IDC, customer communities are a strategic component of a customer experience strategy. By 2020, 80% of the Fortune 5000 (F5000) will have an active customer community. This discussion will help you find, engage with, and leverage your own online community as a part of your strategic business plan.

About Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston

Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston (WeofC) empowers women to start, grow, and sustain profitable businesses through for-women-by-women knowledge exchange.

We are a by application-only, membership-only organization that serves women who are dedicated to growing their business and helping other women grow theirs.

Every member brings personal experiences, insights, learnings, and resources that become exponentially valuable when shared with one another.

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