Reply to "Are You fascinated by all this? I sure am."

Emily Barnett posted:

Good Morning Narrative community,

I just finished telling my husband how fascinating it has been to watch the birth of a new kind of social media platform. From the suggestions, to the voting to the intelligent and very polite debates on the community platform. 

So my questions are to you: Are you fascinated, too? What is keeping you most attentive? What are you surprised by as we are now moving into the third stage of niche selection later this afternoon?

In some ways it hugest social study, ever. It's been a fun to see how people discuss all of the principles behind Narrative, and then each little detail - in great detail. 

It's been a blast to see how people attack their niche decisions. Before the Alpha I was wondering will they go as huge and broad as possible, or do they narrow it down as tightly as they can?  Will a lot of people jump in as soon as possible and try to nail their niche? Or wait on it and wait till the founders run out of open slots or NRVE?  I'm with you, it is fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing the buying and suggesting trends not just over the next couple of days but over the next few months and even years.  

mrgoodsett posted:

@Emily BarnettIf you read the white paper Narrative is so much more than just the Niches.

Indeed, but that is what is in front of everyone right now.  Once more of Narrative and Native become visible then the discussions will go to these parts, in great detail. And that's great!  Frustration is passion and caring and desire.  It's way better than crickets.