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The downvoters have got me stumped. There are three users (2 Founders and 1 Patron) that consistently reject completely reasonable Niches.

I appreciate @Emily Barnett taking the time to explain her downvotes. I have been doing the same. If my understanding is correct, the Niches that are horribly named, will have a chance to be 'edited' for clarity after the auction is over.

I had typed up a new Niche suggestion, calling it "Niche Voter Eduction for Founders" and then described the irrational behaviors of the aformentioned Founders, including calling them out by their user names... 

Then a little angel that looked like a cross between my wife and Jiminy Cricket appeared at my shoulder and suggested that I had better also suggest a Niche called "Passive Aggressive Much" and then call-out myself in the description... so I deleted the idea.... and snuck it in here! 

Hahaha don't worry about it! There's one in particular that I'm not a fan of who has made one of the niches im eyeing to skyrocket in price. The same individual downvoted my niche suggestion and upvoted a niche that was clearly a duplicate already. -.-

It's enough to start feeling paranoid!

*laughs maniacally*

In all seriousness though, the ICO one presents an opportunity for us to track how the "Appeals" process is handled so all may not be for naught.