Building a sustainable business model

Hi @Rosemary,

I enjoyed your blog post a lot:

I've posted it on the G+ community I set up to help alert G+ users to Narrative as an option to migrate to when G+ shuts down in a few months.

Can I make one suggestion?

Many will have the expectation of environmental sustainability, from the title of the article, but also strongly from the image you chose.

It is a bit surprising to find the article has nothing to do with environmental sustainability at all.

It is a shame, because being on the NEO blockchain which uses proof of stake, Narrative supports a greener blockchain future.  (Previously discussed here in the community.)  Why not add mention of this near the beginning of your text, fulfilling the expectation of the reader, and then go on to surprise them with other dimensions of sustainability?

Blockchain as unsustainable electrical consumption is a common misconception, and I have already come up against the knee jerk reaction against Narrative, on G+, because a lot of folks think all blockchain solutions spell doom for the environment.  You have a great opportunity to help dispel this in your article, although I would recommend making another blog post specifically about all the ways Narrative is environmentally friendly, as well.

By adopting platforms that use sustainable blockchains today, we are shaping the blockchain future towards sustainability, and away from the power-hungry blockchains that dominate today.  People need to know this so they can act.  Empower them.

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