Confusion Over Niche Voting

I'm REALLY disappointed in @Ted for voting to reject my Niche topic. I'm wracking my brains to give him (and the others that have followed suit that I've had very positive interactions with like @Harj) some meager benefit of doubt.

Reviewing the brief instructions at the top of the Niche Ballot page are some instructions on how to approach Niche voting. One column for upvoting, and one for rejecting proposed Niches. 

Vote UP  if:
  • The niche is unique in some way. A niche can be a subset of another niche, however. For example, "Wireless Routers" is perfectly valid, even if "Routers" already exists.
  • You think some people will find the niche interesting, even if you personally have no interest in it.

The first bullet describes how similar two proposed Niches can be and still be considered "unique" and therefore equally valid.  

The second bullet literally instructs voters to exclude their own personal interest. This is why I have, up until this point, had no problem voting YES for every single Niche suggested... including Beach Life and News.

Since @Ted and others have rejected the idea, and it is by far receiving the most negative attention, I thought maybe the second column of instructions could help me undestand the hostility. 

Vote DOWN  if:
  • The niche is not unique. For example, "NY Giants Football Team" is not unique if "New York Giants Football Team" already exists.
  • You think the subject is morally objectionable or violates our Terms of Service. Political or religious differences should be given wide latitude. For example, if you are "Pro-Choice", you should not reject a "Pro-Life" niche. Political and religious differences should not be grounds for rejection.

Now, according to the first point, redundancy is a good reason to reject a Niche proposal. I was the fourth to submit a Niche to the list, so checking to see if someone else had already made the suggestion: New Parish was easy to determine. It had not yet been suggested!

The second bullet prohibits morally objectionable and ToS violating subjectsSince Narrative is an intentional effort, based on a set of shared values/ideals, to build community... and Niche for New Parish writings would function in the same way... I figured this couldn't be the reason why it was rejected by the Founder of the company.

The second bullet continues to explain a notorious example of extreme political/religious perspectives that might typically attack each other with suppressive voting—and discourages it.

Clearly, it is Narrative's position to give political and religious differences wide latitude. So... it isn't about religious differences, right? So, what could it be? Is it that they just don't understand the topic? I have a hard time believing this. But even if that is the case... what does it matter? Why vote?

If someone proposes a Niche, there's a good chance that they do so because they believe there is content to support it. (Incidentally, the potential for supporting content is NOT one of the voting criteria mentioned.)

I would love to hear a response from @Ted and/or @Harj.  @Harj has been here since the start, positively pumping up Narrative and I presumed he'd be motivated to band together and support everyone in "his Narrative family".

And, @Ted is in the lead of this whole parade. If he doesn't understand how Niche voting is supposed to work... what then?



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