Reply to "Confusion Over Niche Voting"

Bryan posted:

Currently, there are 44 Niches, and NO redundant proposals.

However, only 10 of the 44 have a 100% approval score. 

This means 77% of the proposed Niches have met with resistance by the voting community. Clearly we need some voter education

I have two solutions which are completely agnostic to the level of effort required to implement! 

  1. Force rejection votes to select WHICH reason they are using to reject a Niche. (a) Redundant, or (b) Violates ToS
  2. Exclude members from receiving community rewards generated by Niches they voted against.

I can hear the argument against this—"but then everyone will vote YES for every Niche." —Exactly. IF it is redundant, or violates the terms of service, it should be rejected, and there won't be any rewards to be had anyway. 

Don't know if I agree with this. I haven't voted for a few of the Niches because simply I do not think the subject is well described nor I fully understand what it is. If we vote "Yes" for every single Niche just because "We are a supportive community," then we should just skip the voting altogether. My 2 cents