General Thoughts and critique on Narrative

After a few days I got a some feelings I want to share about narrative. Maybe some of you can tell me something comforting or explain some stuff to me, since I am very new to all of that.

First of all:

I don't like the bidding system. It is not transparent. Who bids for what? How do prices emerge? Who gets the money? And for what does someone get the money?

Next thing:

I don't like is the NRVE oder creditcard payment system. In order to get NRVE (the way suggests) you pay fees at every point (coinbase, transfer fees and so on) so basically you lose 2,50 of 20 bucks before you even get to have NRVE. Which is still better than narratives 15% "service" (quotation marks because: what service?) fee.

Third thing:

The worst thing for me is: It lot feels so much like fraud, like someone really gets rich while I am just trying to be part of a community. I feel like I want to ask if Narrative or the founders have a deal with coinbase and Latoken and profit from it all - but I know that is probably just the internet paranoia talking. 

Fourth thing:

As much as I read about everything I feel like your recommendation reward system is basically a pyramid scheme: Who exploits most of their contacts gets the most. Everyone who hasn't that much contacts or devotes their time and energy to acquire people is left out. Everything about narrative feels a bit pyramid schemey: Who comes first, gets served first, gets more reputation, gets more rights, gets rewarded for getting more people in.

Narrative lets people in the alpha basically work for them with no consequences or real rewards for them. They get nothing for it and have to pay in the end for their own niche suggestions?

Last but not least:  Everywhere it is said that 85% of revenues will go to the creators. But I did not read any article where it is clearly explained how. It is said that niche owners get 10 per cent, that creators get 60 per cent of the content they put into a niche. How does that make 85%?

And you get paid in NRVE which you then have to transfer and sell and do all the cryptocurrency stuff to get some actual money - i mean in the real world where you have to pay rent. Does anyone but me see how this is not working for the creators or the community but for the whole system and all the cryptocurrency platforms built around? What if the courses between ethereum and NRVE crash? What if the Beta doesn't work out and no one joins Narrative - everything lost? 

What are factors for me to trust in the Narrative except for "community driven" "creators get payed"? How do Narrative ensures it not just becomes the next ViVo - a network with an awesome idea no one uses? How does Narrative make payment and money transactions easy and transparent so that users don't feel weird by shoveling their money into an absurd financial system. And how - in the end - is value created anyway?

Even after watching the YouTube clips (with the annoying music and voice) and read most of the Q&A, tutorials and so on I don't get it. If Narrative was a niche I would disapprove it because it is so unclear. The whitepaper on Narrative is not available any longer - why?

I don't want to be overly critical but I maybe you get where my question marks and bad feelings are coming from.

I really love to hear from all of you and discuss all of the above. Thanks for your attention. Keep up the good work!

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