Reply to "General Thoughts and critique on Narrative"

Robert Nicholson posted:


Please understand that this is a discussion of opportunities and risks for the platform.  



Hi @Robert Nicholson 

This is a a discussion of opportunities and risks for the platform, as you see it.  Where I am taking issues, is that you seem to be stating your initial observations like they are the inevitable trajectories for this platform. You don't know that, and you don't have all the information on what the Narrative team does or doesn't have under way. None of us do.

I am going to address the crypto part, because it is bothering me the most about your posts:

What I like most about Narrative is that it provides choices for people, on many levels. The fact that people can be paid in fiat or crypto, is seen by many people as a tremendous asset to the success of the platform. You seem to be casting a lot of doubt on the decision to use crypto, and going so far as to refer to the decision as an unnecessary risk factor, designed "by geeks for geeks". 

Crypto is a part of this platform. Not sure what your intentions are  by stating your opinion that the team's decision to create a tokenized social platform impedes the ability for Narrative to succeed. I highly doubt they  are going to change their minds about using crypto. In fact it is the crypto community whom provided the seed money for this venture, so it is the very presence of crypto that created the opportunity for success.

All the other stuff you mention, are important to discuss, and I am certain the team is doing just that. Likewise, they are being discussed at length by the community, too. Your voice joining this  group discussion is welcomed, as previously stated.

Regarding some of your other points, one only has to look at youtube, to recognize that content isn't evenly rewarded. I don't think many people have  delusions that some will make more than others. And if they do, that is really their own responsibility to deal with. I don't think that will seal the Narrative coffin. The plethora of people not getting financial compensation on youtube, certainly hasn't impeded its growth.  And if you think it takes a long time to write a post and get nothing for it, you should try making a video for youtube.

I believe some people are here to supplement their income. But we are also here for a social experience. What I have witnessed is that many come for the rewards system, but many stay for the fascination of the social experiment that is also present in this platform, due to the decentralized architecture of it. You asked what was offered to the reader that sets it apart from other content platforms, already established? You have not yet been here long. But do not underestimate the community, and a persons individual commitment level once it reveals itself that your own participation, actually has an impact on the development. No other platform exists like that right now. That in itself is a significant reader draw.