IMPORTANT - Get on the "Voted for Narrative on Kucoin" List

Hi all,

You've probably seen the Kucoin voting thread, or read about it on Telegram.

Narrative on Kucoin would be a defining moment in the project, and a seriously big step towards a successful launch.  As a large scale, high-volume and well-trusted exchange, it can help Narrative pick up momentum leading into the last months before platform launch.

This means that voting on Kucoin is the single most important thing you can do for Narrative today.  The deadline is July 15th 18.00 UTC+8.  That's SOON, so please vote now.

In consideration of this, I'm compiling a list of people who vote, which can serve as a resource for rallying reliable community members in the future.  Your presence on this list can serve as a positive indicator of your suitability for any number of good opportunities on Narrative, in the future.

Every voter goes into a draw to receive 1000 NRVE, if we get on Kucoin (these are my own funds).  So get your friends to vote too - every single vote counts. 

2 easy steps


Voting takes about 3 minutes - @Melanie Mathos has laid out the simple instructions here:


One tip - when the Kucoin voting bot asks for the name of the project - type:


2) Post that you have voted in this thread - You must do this to get added to the A-list, and the 1000 NRVE draw.: 


and add the latest results of the vote to your comment so we get a running tally of our progress with each new voter.  You can obtain the latest results by typing the following into the Kucoin voting bot:

/position Narrative


For instance, right now, Narrative is in position 155, with 81 votes (we've been climbing steadily but we need EVERYONE to vote, to get to the top).

I'm keeping a list of folks who have already voted based on posts in the forum and on Telegram, so if you are one of those people, your name will probably end up on the list too.

Lets flex some Narrative Community mojo...

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