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Mark Horler posted:

Ok @Malkazoid, I trust you personally, but I have to be honest and say this post worries me from a number of angles. 

1. The benefits to this community of Kucoin are not clear to me. Perhaps it is obvious to others, but I think a short explanation is in order, since I would have to sign up for an account to do this. 

2. I would be very careful about separating people out into lists of this sort, and of declaring that you intend to do so. The recent kerfuffle over GPDR is indicative of the type of issues you may encounter.

3. More importantly, by stating that this list will be used to choose 'useful' people, you are applying quite a lot of pressure to people to do this. As a founder and multi-niche owner, you have quite a lot of power. I get that your intentions are good of course, and that you are trying to apply your influence to benefit the community, but this brings me back to point 1, where you need to make clear the benefits. 

4. Telegram - I see two types of comments about telegram in this forum. The first generally explain why telegram is awful. The second indicate that a lot of the important communication about this platform is happening there. This seems a little odd... 

I don't mean to come across as negative, I hope you can see this as the constructive criticism it is intended to be. Help me see the benefits of doing this.


Hi Mark,

Useful feedback thank you!  I should not assume everyone knows why Kucoin is so important.

+ Kucoin is a trusted, large exchange. 

+ Regardless of whether you are interested in cryptocurrency, or not at all, this will have a large impact on the growth curve of this project, and signing up on Kucoin costs nothing, and risks nothing.  It takes about 1 minute to do - enter your email, choose a password, click on the confirmation link in your email, and you're ready to vote.

+ For a number of reasons, it has been challenging to get Narrative on a stable exchange, and the value of NRVE, along with confidence in its future, has dropped significantly as a result.  This is purely a cryptocurrency concern - it is a volatile sphere, and will see the situation vastly improved when the platform launches and begins to come into its own.  But until then, this is a time where momentum could be building, buoyed with more auspicious conditions such as a more steady influx of new members, higher participation in the forums, more activity on the Chaucer Alpha suggesting, voting to validate and buying niches, etc...  A high profile exchange would go a long way towards this change in current conditions.

+ Kucoin is much larger and more trustworthy than any exchange we have been on, and in a different league entirely compared to the recently defunct Bitpaction, the tiny Bilaxy, and dysfunctional BiteBTC.  An exchange will be announced next week that will also be an improvement, but Kucoin is almost certainly far more desirable than that to-be-announced exchange.

+ The act of rallying together to make this happen is very good for us as a community

The List

I hear your misgivings loud and clear.

Hopefully the clarification of the aim of getting us on a world class exchange helps address some of them.

Regarding GDPR - consider the list as an internal metric of participation.  Niche owners will need moderators for their niches, and will want to make as informed a decision as possible when choosing them.  This list can be an additional metric in their decision.  Since we all want to collaborate with people who will rise to the occasion when it is most needed, an indication of people who have done so in the past is useful.  

The list will not be used to industrially spam anyone.

If anyone is concerned about being able to be removed from the list, they can simply ask to be removed, although there are only advantages to being on it - just as I doubt anyone will ever ask to be removed from the community ranking here on this forum, which serves a comparable purpose, I doubt anyone will want to not be on the list of Kucoin voters.

In terms of pressure to vote, due to my status of Founder and niche owner - this is purely positive pressure.  It is no different than any employer organising an activity within a community, in order to assess a pool of potential hires.  If you are interested in being hired, you feel a pressure to join the activity.  If you are not interested in being hired, you don't.  Either way, all is as it should be.

As you pointed out, the only outcome of voting for Narrative to be listed on Kucoin is a benefit to the entire community.  I am putting forward some of my own cash for that community goal: my expense will be the community's gain.  I believe in the project, and I think 1000 NRVE is a fantastic price for me to pay for us to all benefit to the degree we will, should we be listed.


I read your 4th point as something of a non-sequitur... I'm not sure if it is directly related to the Kucoin vote, and the list of voters, in your mind?

But I'm happy to share my take on Telegram.

I don't like the format for most purposes, as the information gets quickly lost in the avalanche of new posts, and is not organised in any way.  It is like a stream of consciousness rather than a coherent display of information.

Telegram is popular for casual connections, and convenient for them.  As such, it has become very popular, and has been adopted widely in the cryptocurrency sphere.  The pains of it must be suffered in order to connect with a certain constituency that expects Narrative to be on it.  

Most of the grievances with Telegram of late have centred around the constant, thankless work of dealing with a never-ending stream of newcomers who ask the same questions, express the same fears, and often display the familiar lack of basic manners that come with the more anonymous and transient forms of online communication.  By comparison, these forums are far superior and a truer sense of community bonds and constructive dialogue take place here.

Let me know if I'm missing something, and if you have any other concerns?

Thanks Mark - I'm grateful for your trust and feel the same way about you - but others who have not known me for 20 years may feel differently, so it is really helpful to elicit this extra discussion!