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Mark Horler posted:

Ok, firstly thank you for such a comprehensive reply. This is exactly what I was looking for. As briefly as possible in answer: 

So, if I understand correctly, the importance of Kucoin is that it would underpin stability for the economic model of the narrative platform, and all the benefits that follow from that? And, by extension, the future good of the platform would be jeopardised by the lack of such stability? If so, that's good enough for me. 

Yes, that's a fair summary I think.  Right now, with scant trading options, there is no way for Narrative to reach a healthy volume of trading, which leaves us stuck at this point of low valuation, anemic volume and the need for new alpha users to be able to purchase NRVE.  

Beyond stability, it offers visibility, and a positive confidence boost for the project for those who operate in the crypto sphere.  Unlike you and me who see primarily the value of the project itself, with the currency as something that will grow with as the project grows - cryptocurrency folks are far more focused on the ups and downs of the currency in the here and now.  With their confidence boosted, they will be able to take a longer view, and connect with the project more directly over the things that matter most - building community, voting, buying and preparing niches for launch, participating in the discussions of development, and refining strategies for the successful launch of the platform so it grows healthily and attracts quality content.


The List
You are correct that a better explanation of the exchange is helpful. I want to be clear that, with regard to GPDR, I never thought that they would be used for spamming. It was just an example of the types of issues that come up with data and who holds it. I am curious, now that I think about it, as to how this ties up (if at all) with the reputation based system the platform intends to use? I know the platform and this forum are separate, so of course it's not transferable. But the reputation system has the advantage of not being held by any one person. 

Regarding the power you hold, I am absolutely not in any way accusing you of misusing that power. I was thinking ahead, in that those who gain power/influence over time of the platform, will need to use it in a way that makes explicitly clear the benefits of whatever outcome it is they are trying to drive. Perhaps others will read this thread in due course and so learn from it hopefully.

I hear you!  

I'm not certain what ramifications there might be from the GPDR, with regards to the reputation system.  My superficial understanding is that the @Narrative Network Team is already taking this into account in the blueprints for Narrative.  The platform already leans towards compliance in its philosophy of granting control over one's own data.  The ability to delete ones data, or port it, are already part of the project, as far as I know.

In terms of who will hold this list of Kucoin voters, I will post the list here in the forums as a resource for all. 

The connection, in my mind, was that I don't have accounts for either at present, so wanted to understand the benefits of signing up for either/both, to help me decide how to proceed. I want to be up to date with everything going on related to narrative of course, so if important things are happening on telegram, I don't want to miss out. However, I also don't want to sign up to something that is awful and annoying!

So, as ever with these things, it's working out whether the positives are sufficient to outweigh the negatives.  

Thanks again @Malkazoid.

Telegram is worth signing up for.  I only use it punctually when it is useful, and when I don't need it, it is completely out of sight and out of mind.

Because there is no private messaging enabled on this forum for now, Telegram is perfect for PMing each other.  I'm malkazoid there, so ping me if you sign up.

I also use Telegram to drop in on the Narrative Telegram to keep tabs on what is going on there every once in a while.  In those moments, I do what I can to answer a question or two for newcomers there: it helps the @Narrative Network Team.  Without community members dropping in to assist in this way, they would be alone facing the never-ending flow of newbie questions!

I hope this helps Mark!