Reply to "IMPORTANT - Get on the "Voted for Narrative on Kucoin" List"

Calling on the second group of community members (2nd of 8)...

The single most important thing you can do for Narrative will take only 3 minutes!  Come vote to get Narrative listed on the Kucoin exchange.  This will go a LONG way towards Narrative's success.

If you vote, you get added to an A-list of community members who step up when it really matters - the list will be used in future to source reliable community members for opportunities on the network.

Every voter goes into a draw to receive 1000 NRVE, if we get on Kucoin (these are my own funds).  So get your friends to vote too - every single vote counts. 

Cut off time to vote is July 15th 18.00 UTC+8 - that's in less than 32 hours so act now...

2 easy steps


Instructions to vote


2) Post that you have voted in this thread - You must do this to get added to the A-list, and the 1000 NRVE draw.: 


and add the latest results of the vote to your comment so we get a running tally of our progress with each new voter.  You can obtain the latest results by typing the following into the Kucoin voting bot:

/position Narrative

We are currently 143rd position, with 101 votes... if you vote and get friends to vote, we can do this.  Make me proud, please.


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