Reply to "Latest Intel on Niches!!"

Malkazoid posted:

So overall, kudos for devising a system that addresses this vast undertaking of creating niches.  Lots of considerations, and probably impossible to make the process completely fair.

However I am hoping there is a way to do more for those who propose niches but do not have the funds to compete with big NRVE holders when it comes to bidding for the niches they proposed.  If we don't, we'll have failed to address a blatantly unfair situation.  To ignore this flaw, is to start the New Content Economy by saying: the poor can offer up their good ideas for the wealthy to profit from.  I doubt that's the ideal any of us want to push here?

Would there be a way of making the bidding process only apply to niches that more than one person has independently proposed?  If you make the first round of niche suggestions happen through private submissions to the Narrative Team, this would allow the Team to sift through and determine which niches have more than one person who wants to own them.

The niches who are not under contention could become purchasable for $75 by the person who proposed it, straight up, no bidding.  If the original proposer decides not to purchase it, it could then be opened up to bidding to everyone else?

The niches that are under contention with more than one person having proposed them in the first round, could then be put up for bidding, accessible to those who suggested the niche.

While still imperfect, this feels much more fair.  At least the unique niches that only one person suggested would not suddenly be exposed to being snatched up by those with more funds?

What do you all think?


I was hoping for something along these lines as well. I actually wouldn't even be opposed to changing the "Buy-It-Now" price of my suggested Niche (that no one else suggested) to $100-$150). So it's a similar auction-type idea like what eBay has where if there's demand, we start the bidding process at $75 and if you're the sole person to suggest a niche, you get to "Buy-It Now" at a slight premium.