LGBTQ / LBGTQ niche issue - and comments disappearing

Hello @Narrative Network Team

A Telegram member (Rose Lavender) posted today with concern about the LBGTQ niche that has been rejected, and gone to appeal.

The appeal cites concerns that the niche has been rejected because of discrimination, so naturally, Rose had concerns about this.

I cannot know what is in the heart of every voter, but I do know that I, and several others, took the time to leave comments on the ballot that explained that the niche name was misspelled.  The correct acronym is LGBTQ, not LBGTQ.  This matters because niches are a big part of how people will find content on narrative.  All the content of the LBGTQ niche would be much harder to find because the people searching will mostly be using the correct acronym.

This raises two problems: one old, and one new:

1) The new problem

It looks like once a niche is rejected and goes to the appeals process, the comments that were left on the ballot disappear and are no longer accessible anywhere.  Or at least not anywhere intuitive.  I did look.

This obscures the reason for the voting, which is highly relevant to the appeals process, not to mention important in case public analysis is required (like now).  Rose should have been able to see those comments, right by the appeal reason, so she could form her own sense of whether the appeal was justified or not.  

2) The old problem

Comments, even when they are still visible on the platform, are almost hidden away, instead of displayed prominently.  I know, I've posted about this at least twice before but it keeps rearing its head as a problem.  It is relevant now because, along with the comments becoming completely inaccessible once a niche goes to the appeals process, there is a growing sense that the Team isn't respecting the time and thought that goes into making the comments, and is squandering the value that they represent for the process of niche creation.

And now it is starting to hurt us: one person, and potentially some others who read her, might have left Telegram feeling there are problems of discrimination on Narrative, before it even launches.  That's the worst kind of rumour to have start.  I did my best to explain the situation to Rose Lavender, both in the Telegram thread, and in a private chat, and she understood.  But what if I hadn't been there AND it had been night time in the USA with David and MB asleep - and Rose had started posting about this elsewhere online?

Please, lets fix the comments workflow in the Alpha.



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