Reply to "LGBTQ / LBGTQ niche issue - and comments disappearing"

Ted posted:

Hi @Malkazoid - all of the comments are still there.  Here are the comments from the original (and second) ballot box votes:

And here is the previous tribunal comment thread:

As you can see from all of the comments, the reason it has been rejected by the community is because the term is misspelled. It has nothing to do with the subject matter, from what I can see. 

Per the rules, any niche that has a misspelling should be rejected.

You can peruse the entire history of the niche here:

If you click on any one of the votes, you'll find the particular comments for each.

It's not likely that we will be making any structural changes to Chaucer at this point.  All of our efforts now are on the next version.  

This niche is back up for a Tribunal vote again and I'm pretty sure it will be rejected because of the misspelling (at least it should be).  It would be great if the niche owner actually fixed the spelling first.

Hi @Ted

Thanks - then it seems that the 'new problem' is in fact the old problem.

I couldn't find the comments!  Neither could Rose.  And I've been using the Alpha for months...

The comments should be visible in some form, on the Appeals page, and on this page:

Instead, one has to drill down two levels from the actual niche page linked above, to get to the comments.

One has to know to first click on the original ballot link, or the appeal ballot link, 2 among 8 history items on that page.  Then once on the on the original ballot link, one is faced with the 'old' problem.  The fact that the comments are hidden in a collapsed tab, for no good reason, on the actual ballot pages.

I am well aware why the niche was down voted - I left a comment why I did it, and it is the same reason three other people gave.  That's not the issue: the issue is that Rose can't be expected to find those comments.

As a newcomer, if it isn't on the Appeals page, why would she imagine there is anything to go digging for elsewhere?  Let alone hidden two levels deep beneath a separate page?

It is her perception we're talking about, not mine.  I know there was never a manifest problem of discrimination here.  But to her, there was every appearance of there being one precisely because you are not using the comments the community is providing.

I respect that you have priorities for development.  I ask you to respect, in return, my decision to no longer post comments on my votes.  It is a waste of my time to do so - they are not getting seen.  The person who appealed the 'LBGTQ' niche rejection may not even be seeing them, judging by the reason given for the appeal!  

I'll start commenting again once there is a point to it - once it actually helps the community.