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Emily Barnett posted:
Malkazoid posted:

My first notion is Narrative has the advantage of having a broader scope.  This is to be a social network, not just an outlet for journalists.  

Next - journalists would do well to put their pieces on any network that will pay.  I doubt exclusivity will be a part of these deals.  

I think one of the biggest factors for journalists will be the size of the network.  If we launch and grow faster than Civil, we will be a more attractive platform for their content. 

These are my first impressions - without having researched their project.  

Mmmmm...I sort of agree...but kind of not. Quality of association is important to journalists. For instance, I find the quality of content on Steemit severely lacking (with exceptions of course). I think just because there is a monetization to a platform there is no guarantee everyone (meaning journalists) will jump in. That is why we as the initial niche owners must really set a standard of quality from upon launch. 

I agree!  The mistake I am making is taking Narrative's quality for granted since it is an often repeated goal.  I do sometimes worry a little that the reality might fall short. 

I think we will easily be better than Steemit, just with the mechanisms already in place, let alone what the Team might be working on that we do not yet know about.

But in terms of aiming higher than just beating Steemit, I am a bit concerned that some niches will not uphold the highest standards.  Our model is vulnerable to the differences of individual moderators.

My personal hopes for Narrative are sky high in terms of quality.  I would like to see moderators reject materials that have grammatical errors and typos - with a friendly note to resubmit with them corrected.  The higher standards we set ourselves, the more contributors will desire to be with us...


I know that the core team has stated often, that Narrative will have a commitment to quality. I believe they have done a good job to build systems for the community  to offer some push back in response to poor quality, ie. voting out a moderator not doing her/his job. this is very good.

I hope the community will be vigilant and hold high standards for the moderators.  This will vary from person to person.  The more we underline the importance of this from the get-go, the more this message will sink in, and the more vigilant the community will be.  This will certainly be one of the metrics of our success: is the community actively pursuing this excellence from the niches?

I do agree that the size of the community is mighty impactful. I guess that is why I posted this thread...Civil has put up a lot of money already to entice journalists from Vice, Gawker, Daily info-- New York and Chicago locations, as well as the Los Angeles Times. These folks have big credibility, and have huge followers. That means  Civil will have start with a healthy base just by association.

True...  What is their launch schedule, do you know?

I'm being lazy!  Let me have a look.

Ok, they say spring 2018, but nothing on their site or in their blog posts gives any more detail than that.  Either they are simply being very secretive, or what they have planned for 2018 is not a full launch, but an initial revealing of some aspect of the platform?

We'll see.

I like what I see on their site - and I'm glad they are doing this.

I agree that  this platform is different. That it is for individuals whom socially journal, as  well as  content  makers. That is still super important to me.  I just think it is good business sense for us Niche Owners to find really good moderators and content makers to bring into our community. Call me elitist if you will, but I want to spend my time reading quality material. Some platforms just do a better job than others. 

Hehe - not at all: its not elitist to want to read good quality material!  I can't speak for every other member of Narrative, but the biggest contributors to this community forum all seem to share this desire for Narrative to set the bar high for quality.

Don't get me wrong, this post is not being negative in any way to Narrative. I am still 100% enthusiastic about this platform...I just know that within a New York minute, we will all be up to our elbows  with platforms racing to land the first position of the content economy. I thought this would be an interesting thread to inform others about rising competition, and how we all intend to individually prepare for that. 

My preparation won't change, whether there is one competitor or fifty.  I plan to attract the highest quality content I can.  You and I need to talk about moderating BTW (Politics Niche) - I like that we share the same focus on quality, and I need moderators who will not compromise on this!