Reply to "Niche proposal withdrawal"

Mark Horler posted:

Hi all, I've been reading the recent threads about the niche review/voting process and a potential fix occurs to me.

Why not have a simple function for niche proposers to withdraw their submission?

When suggesting a niche, it seems to me that the person suggesting ought to automatically be set to follow that niche proposal. That way, they will get auto notifications when comments are left. If the comments make a clear enough case, the proposer can simply withdraw the proposal. They could then submit a new one. 

1. There is currently a suggested niche in the ballot box, called Biophelia.
2. This is a simple misspelling of Biophilia.
3. I left a comment to that effect. 
4. Proposer should get notified of my comment
5. Proposer withdraws submission. 
6. Proposer submits Biophilia. 
7. Community votes in favour
8. Happy days all round

As an alternative, that process can go on for days and/or require tribunal etc, THEN a new submission can be made. 

I know which I think is easier. What do you think?  

This makes perfect sense.

It is the most clearly expressed of many suggestions that have been put forth to try to fix this.

I really hope we don't wait for an indeterminate period of time before addressing this.  My prior experience of actively developed software is at least weekly builds with changes pushed into situation so they can be tested in the battle field.  We don't seem to have that structure with Narrative - there seems to be no schedule of making subversion updates.  

There may be a good reason for this but it has been inadequately explained so far.  All we've been told in one instance is that they are waiting for the next 'version' to roll out the change we were discussing (making comments more visible).  The problem is, the Community doesn't know what that means.  What is the next version.  Is it the Beta version of Chaucer?  Is it an iteration of the Alpha version, and if it is, when is it to be released?  I'm hoping the @Narrative Network Team will find the time to communicate clearly about these things.

There is no bug/feature request list for the community to contribute to.  We are being under-utilised, and the development is not benefitting optimally from a high frequency feedback loop that should exist during the testing phase.  Optimally, fixes would be being pushed constantly, with a constant dialogue between the dev team and the testers.