Reply to "Niche quality control"

Quick updated thoughts on niche quality control.

Here is the state of play of the upvoting/downvoting.

Niches in approval process: 72

Niches that look like they will be rejected: 6

Projected rejection percentage: 8.33%

That seems really good to me: we're getting over 90% success rate with niches proposed at this point in time, and that's with people being quite strict (and appropriately so in my view) in terms of standards.

I think a few things are going on that have contributed to this success rate.

1) The community has learned a lot about both suggesting niches, and voting

2) The standards set by the voting are almost certainly helping motivate niche suggesters to be careful with their suggestions.

Congratulations everyone.

I would guesstimate that out of these 72 niches, maybe 2 will be approved that have problems that will require resolving (beyond typos) down the road.  That's not a terrible outcome, considering we're human and fallible.

So my conclusion is - I don't think we're being too strict with our voting, and the system is for the most part, working quite well.  Better than I thought it would, to be honest.  Once some of the systemic issues are addressed by the Team, I expect things will only improve from here.