Redundant/invalid niches - report them here


Redundancy, anyone?
Redundancy anyone?


As you all probably know - Narrative niches need to be unique, clear, correctly spelled, and to not violate the Terms of Service.

To coordinate down-voting of redundant or invalid niches, rather than creating dozens of threads, we can alert the community here in one place.

Bookmark the thread for easy access, and follow the thread to be alerted via email when there are new posts.  Remember - voting to validate or invalidate niches under review, builds your Narrative reputation, which will strongly shape your experience of, and success with Narrative network.

Correctly voting down redundant or otherwise invalid niches is a powerful contribution to the success of Narrative - we're building the fabric of the network, one link at a time - that process started in late March and is on-going, with over 500 purchased niches already in place.  Ensuring each niche in the network is unique, and clearly understandable, is laying the groundwork for Narrative to excel. 

Let us know you voted by quoting the post in the thread, and saying you voted too - it will help anyone following you to become aware of the niche needing voting on, and so will help spread the alert.  If you give an explanation of how you voted, this might provide good information to the community as we all learn the best ways to evaluate niches.


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