Reply to "Redundant/invalid niches - report them here"

Malkazoid posted:
Michael posted:

Agreed. Besides, 'The Video Vault' already exists, and that's the function this Niche would serve, albeit with a different name.

These spelling mistakes and other simple fixes in names should be able to be changed without having to go through a week of waiting.

Either way, duplicate by function.

Hello Michael

Bittube appears to be a streaming platform but it is external to Narrative, and so should be allowed to have a niche dedicated to it.

The Video Vault is a Narrative niche that I think hopes to be the home for videos people post to Narrative directly.

I may be wrong, but I think that if the person who proposed Bittube makes a reasonable niche name, devoid of spelling mistakes - it should be acceptable.

Agree with you @Malkazoid. I voted down for misspelling. @Michael This would be a valid niche assuming it is not just a link. Assuming this niche is to be about posting content related to that platform.