Reply to "Redundant/invalid niches - report them here"

The following German Shepherd niche is really problematic, downvote if you agree:

Reading just the niche name, you would immediately assume this is a niche for posting all sorts of material about German shepherds.

Instead, when you read the description, you discover it is for a printing service that wants to help you print German shepherds onto merchandising.  


"Print German Shepherd photos on T-Shirts , Mugs , Pillow , Mobile back cover , Tank Tops"

I'm open-minded, and completely cool with this being a thing, but the niche name has to reflect something of the service, rather than squat on the entire subject matter.  There are other things to do around the topic of German Shepherds than just printing them on T-shirts.  (I assume.  I've met a few German shepherds and was able to interact with them without reflexively emblazoning them on coffee mugs.  I'm hoping I'm not alone).

This sort of mercantile grab of a generic niche name will do a big disservice to Narrative, making it confusing for users wanting to tag their posts to the right niches in an intuitive manner.

And if you really want to be precise, throw the word 'dog' in there somewhere.

Otherwise some people might think you're referring to this:

( He might look good on a tank top though... )