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Malkazoid posted:
Michael posted:

Agreed. Besides, 'The Video Vault' already exists, and that's the function this Niche would serve, albeit with a different name.

These spelling mistakes and other simple fixes in names should be able to be changed without having to go through a week of waiting.

Either way, duplicate by function.

Hello Michael

Bittube appears to be a streaming platform but it is external to Narrative, and so should be allowed to have a niche dedicated to it.

The Video Vault is a Narrative niche that I think hopes to be the home for videos people post to Narrative directly.

I may be wrong, but I think that if the person who proposed Bittube makes a reasonable niche name, devoid of spelling mistakes - it should be acceptable.

If it's an external website or platform, that's called a link.

I'll have to let @Ted or @MOLLY O respond to this one, because if Narrative wanted external links, they'd probably just use Google.

If we don't know what it is, needless to say, it will need to be specified.