Reply to "Redundant/invalid niches - report them here"

Michael posted:

I'm not sure what the difference between "Shopping" and "Shopping Haul" would be.


Shopping Haul:


Hard to say, but if niches are very similar like this, their owners might end up fighting later on as to who has the valid space, it also might end up confusing members as to which niche to post in.

Technically, they're different, but really they're not. My thought is, why have a niche for both fishing, and fishing haul? Is one JUST dedicated to everything about fishing, while the other is dedicated to JUST showing pictures of what a person caught while fishing?

Does the owner of Shopping Haul promise not to post anything later on about Shopping. hahaha

It really depends on the precision of language, and if Niche owners intend to stick to that narrow niche, or if they'll eventually 'niche creep' into other areas.

Yeah @Michael, I don't know what the endgame regarding similar Niches is. It seems even the Tribunal doesn't care too much if Narrators have to 'duke it out' for content. I know I'm preparing for a 'fight' with at least one of my Niches