Reply to "Redundant/invalid niches - report them here"

Bryan posted:

Another Niche falling into the Dictionary Trap

If I submitted "the" as a Niche... and "described" it as: 

denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge.

Would this fly? Should this fly? 

It just takes a couple extra seconds to present a point of view on the type of content that could be submitted to a Niche. And then, that point of view should be written using complete sentences. 

So in the case of the San Francisco niche - I'm torn.

Specifying what San Francisco is may in fact be enough for most people, since it is kind of assumed the niche is destined to receive anything relating to the city.

Then again, since the extra clarity coming from a more explicit description can't hurt and in other instances, is really desirable - I think I'm still in favour of seeking more specificity across the board rather then defining complex exceptions to a rule.

Some niches simply say "All about X".  That could get us across the line with a San Francisco niche, for instance?