Reply to "Redundant/invalid niches - report them here"

Is requiring definitions/descriptions part of the problem then?

What ends up happening in voting claims/arguments is really more about the converging/diverging of semantics (see: games, gaming, video games!) than arguing over title word choice—though they are both problematic. This is further complicated by the notion of someone being able to "own" these Niches. My vision for gaming might be different than yours. "I would run my hotdog stand much different than you'd run yours..."

"Hey, no fair, your title means the same as my title even though you used a different word."

"Nuh-uh. It does not. I was here first."

To use another familiar example: NY Giants, NFL Giants, and New York Giants were used to demonstrate redundancy, even though they are unique when evaluating spelling alone. But, if we add to each of these a slightly different definitions/descriptions... then the task of evaluating becomes more involved. Using only definition thinking, two of the Niches above should be rejected as redundant. But, if we consider the descriptions and not the definitions we might learn that:

  • NY Giants is a Niche for a little league jr. football association in NY sponsored by the...
  • NFL Giants which is a Niche for content focused on the NFL team itself, which is quite different from the...
  • New York Giants Niche which collects historical and contemporary biographies of people whose lives had a positive impact on the neighborhoods of Manhattan. Totally not sports-ball. 


Or, if people want to contribute content about shredding with guitars and they prefer to identify with the term Metal over Heavy Metal... and some one else thinks there is a difference, in spite of conventional evidence to the contrary, why shouldn't they both exist? Content creators might resonate with one over the other. If we go with dictionary definition, they are the same. If we go with gut feeling, or popular opinion, or subjective preference... they might be totally different to some people.

My point is this: I don't think a dictionary definition is enough. 

@Ted I agree with you here:

a description that says something like, " a place for mom's to hang out," is technically incorrect.

but I disagree with:

I also want to be clear about something else.  Niches are not "communities"... niches are merely subjects and that a definition of the subject is not only appropriate but ideal, in my opinion.

because Niches WILL become communities. They will become interest groups. They will become a place for people to gather and share a point of view on a topic. They won't get warm and cuddly with a dictionary definition. 

Niche: Trees
Definition: woody perennial plants

Niche: Trees
Description: a place to share and learn about the varied species, environmental influences, and sustainable use of woody perennial plants.