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Malkazoid posted:
Bryan posted:

best practices when creating a niche to ensure optimal efficiency for a niche's success. Not abiding by those best practices won't be grounds for a rejection, however.

Not abiding by standards should be grounds for rejection for this reason... people with poorly written and/or unclear Niche descriptions MAY argue later that another Niche is violating their airspace. 

Hey, no fair. That's what I MEANT to say...

It's a problem. 

Especially when the voting public is full of un-educated, or non-credentialed, voters (no offense intended). 

Exactly - and there is something inherently wrong with a niche going through a Tribunal appeal, diverting their attention from other things... and yet STILL coming out the other side flawed in such a blatant way.

I really think the Tribunal needs to make these tweaks while they are at it.

It is bad for Narrative for sloppy niches to remain, and it is a very bad look for the project to observe the sloppiness and do nothing about it.

Sounds like a good platform to campaign on for the next Tribunal election