Reply to "Stop complaining about exchanges and help build a massive narrative community."

Emily Barnett posted:
Malkazoid posted:

It is hard to miss that the vast majority of the folks in question are in this for a quick buck.  The crypto multi-bagger crowd.  It's not pretty, to be honest - that level of greed, but ultimately I think it will cause many of them to pass by one of the sounder investments in the cryptocurrency space - Narrative.

The smart money will go to working products, as opposed to pump and dump coins.  The gains are less eye-watering in the short term, but the chances of success are higher.  

I expect NRVE will be a far more stable token with a working product, growing community, and quality content.  If we can pull of those three things, plus some good marketing, NRVE will become attractive to the right kind of investor: experienced ones who seek strong value over rapid, risky growth.  This in turn will create rewarding growth of the right kind for token holders.

But of course more importantly, as everyone here already knows: solid investments are ones that understand the value of hard work - most of the existing community has a clear notion that our hard work is required for Narrative to succeed.  The Team certainly understands this.  And it is people who understand this that we need right now.  Not punters (I almost chose a less kind word) with 1k they want to see turn into 100k within a year.

Great to have you back, my friend.

Thanks Emily - I'm easing back.  The non-virtual world is demanding a lot from me: I hoped for some down time after this last trip but it just isn't in the cards.  

Good to 'see' you again!