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Emily Barnett posted:


But as for as this actual niche goes, you are failing to look at the description. It mentions candid in the description, it talks about the importance of the environment, referencing the street. Even if we are to accept what you are suggesting @Malkazoid, which i am not in favor of, because I don't think it is accurate, but for arguments sake, then I would state that this description and title still does not clearly describe "POSING for a Portrait IN THE STREET". So I think it should be rejected, and let a more accurate niche come forward.

OUTDOOR PORTRAITURE  is the term you would be looking for, and yes asking permission is a a really big part of what defines the differences between Portraiture and Candid/Street Photography. And there are even laws that separate what is allowed and not allowed based on where you live in the world, because of the lack of knowledge that defines Street Photography vs Portraiture in the Street.

So the description of the niche you are downvoting is:

This niche hones in on the photography subset of street-style/candid portraits. While pretty faces are pretty, we care about the setting the subject is in! Please note that this is NOT a general street photography niche.

I did look at it: I promise!  I wouldn't have jumped in with such an involved response without looking at the niche under discussion!
I don't see anything in this description that is incompatible with the opinion that candid street portraits are a thing.  I only see a problem with this description if I subscribe to your approach, which says that a street portrait cannot be a candid one.  I don't see a reason to subscribe to your approach, because the photography world seems to have several approaches to this, and yours isn't necessarily more correct... or at least isn't necessarily more accepted.
I think what we need to look at is whether people will understand what belongs in this niche. 
From the description, I would think any photographs would fit that are taken outdoors, in somewhat urban settings (but could be villages too), featuring humans and with a candid vibe to the essence captured.
That feels ok to me... what am I missing?