Reply to "Texas niche, description"

Michael Farris posted:

A perfect alpha issue ....

I'm with Brian on not making the voting more complex but I do think there's work to be done in making people choose their reasons.  Eventually,  your voting will put your reputation at stake so thoughtless clicking will be reduced.   That will be a tricky algorithm but definitely in the works

I wish  [this is not a feature under consideration] there were some tidy way to send a niche back for fixing early in the game.  Quite a few are simply malformed.  Do they need to be voted down with a penalty to the suggester, just to fix what may be weak English skills?  

My thought (hunch, really)  is that content creators will be submitting to niches based on the name and less the description.  The name and most of all the performance/reach of the niche will attract content creators.  It may be a dubious description won't matter as much as we fear.

FWIW. The current strong representation in crypto is not surprising given the Founders who bought 60+ NEO worth of NRVE who got first crack.  Even patrons are, by defintion, crypto types.

Thank you for your reply!

In fact, it got me to think of another issue which I always consider a good thing since it leads to a deeper understanding and more discussion which is always interesting

Now in this niche voting if I consider the basic rules we approve/disapprove that the niche is not redundant (or offensive - this is just automatic, so I will omit the rule for now). We do that based on niche name and the description. Now if you say that the description might not be that important in beta, it means (at least for me) a situation when content could be submitted to niche just based on niche name, not really on a description. 

On the first sight, this seems fine to me. But then the tiny differences (stated exactly in description) between one niche and another similar one could be just wiped out and those two niches which were pretty close at the beginning would become the same. 

I could illustrate that in one example. Currently, there is a niche "universe" which was approved by more than 90% and is up for auction. Then there is a niche called "space - astronomy" (or so I believe) which was already won by someone. I get that those niches COULD be about different stuff but they appear quite similar to me. I was considering for some time whether to downvote it but downvoting seems to be a too strong action and since there is no other action I could take, I approved. For me, the description is what makes the niches different. 

But then over time as those two niches become more and more similar (since everyone will just look on names), someone will think, ok let's just cancel this one (either one or the other) because there is another one with same content.

What I try to say is that the description is in many cases for me the guide on whether the niche is unique or not. But what if in beta nobody respect those borders made by its description and will publish in this niche even the topics for which the niche was not specified? So the final question, why to confirm uniqueness if it will not be respected in the end?