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Thank you everyone for the thoughtfulness of this discussion along with clearly articulating concerns regarding the description. I am (pending the Tribunal review) the current proud owner of the Texas Niche.  I see two levels of this discussion: 1) The Macro level as in the Tribunal review process which I imagine should have a standardized and consistent process and I will happily comply with that judgement from editing the description to (in the worst case) bidding temporary farewell to my beloved Texas. 2) The Micro level as in the specific concerns on the Texas niche description. From this view, my guiding principle is “to do what is in the best interest of the community.” If it is in the best interest to edit the description and if I am able to make the edits, I will happily do so too. 


Hello TheRandomOne - thanks for introducing yourself and sharing more insight into your passion for Texas.

I think we've lucked out here: you seem to embody the kind of rational approach that can help our niches be guided towards a coupling of niche name and niche description that creates an intuitive and efficient user experience for the millions of creators we expect to call Narrative home.

I don't want the system to rely on everyone being as reasonable as you, though.  I'm very grateful for the Texas niche, and the flaw in our system that it has demonstrated to us, and I hope it will lead to the system being improved.  That's the value of alpha, after all.

It may be as simple as people being able to appeal the description, once the niche has been approved?  I can see how that would require less systemic change to the process of voting, although the validation voting would remain less than clear as a result.  It is after all inherently confusing to be presented with a niche name, and a niche description, and yet be expected to effectively ignore the niche description to validate the niche, and it brings us back to the questions Sona raised about the description sometimes being the only thing that can determine whether a niche is redundant or not....  I hope the @Narrative Network Team ponder these questions, and jump in on the nitty gritty of it when they can fit it into the schedule.

Not trying to sound like a parrot to @Malkazoid but rather to reiterate that more than one person thinks we should be able to vote separately on the name and description.

Or if it really is to complicated of a voting procedure then, I guess the solution is to work it out amongst ourselves like we just did, but I think that caused a lot of undue concern placed on the part of the winner of a Niche. I can only imaging the crappy feeling one has when you win only to find out somebody rejected it to the tribunal. I feel badly about that. But I also think that this Niche will be more profitable as a result, if it gets a more aligned  and in focus description to match the Niche Name, as a result of this process. 

I too think a two vote system should be considered. Name and description.