Wanted Features

First of all I want to congratulate the Narrative team on the successful launch of Chaucher! 

Please pardon me if such a thread already exists - if so I couldn't find it.

I believe it would be beneficial to the developers and community to establish a discussion of features we want to see -- small or big, short-term or long-term. 
(if such a forum already exists, please point me toward it!) 

I have some features in mind already: 
1. A "Join the discussion (3)" button below the niche votes for each niche where (3) is the number of comments a niche has, something like this:chaucher
2. Emoji support (auto conversion of "" to "🙂" with on/off option (sorry but the Graemlins remind me of Art haha))
3. Short textbox for profiles.
4. Referral system that awards activity points OR a bonus % to activity points to further incentivise user participation (long-term)

Write your suggestions below or upvote those comments that you agree with! This way the team can easily see what the people using their platform actually want 😁 

Happy day to you! 



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