Michael Farris posted:

Very likely not.  There will be an entirely new reputation engine in Narrative so porting over ranking from here isn't realistic and probably not fair to newbies coming into Narrative.

For example, once this first airdrop is done for Community participation we will simply reset everyone to zero to start over in phase 2.  That gives people who have joined recently a chance to join in on an equal footing.

BTW -- one very large difference between this ranking/ points system and Narrative is that Narrative reputation won't be an ever-growing  set of points.   And ranking won't be the point.  It will be the levels of your reputation.

I hate the following analogy but it is a good way to understand the difference.  Reputation is like a credit rating.  ( In the USA a 'credit score' is a near obsession for marketers and fintech seeking to wring the last penny out of customers).  Most places, the "credit rating"  just tells someone whether you are well employed and pay your bills on time.  Whether you can take on a loan or afford a large purchase.    Your score is established by time and behavior.  It can go up and it can go down.  You can repair it. Something serious like bankruptcy is a near-permanent hit. 

So, in the case of Chaucer, we have a crude version in place for buying niches.  If you don't pay on time, you can't bid for a while.  If you suggest niches and they are voted out, your right to suggest is suspended for a while.

Narrative reputation will be multi-faceted.  Much is behavior based.  Some derives from the esteem your community has for your behavior (trolls, take note).  An interesting algorithm we are discussing correlates your OWN rating of things against the larger community's aggregate rating. For example, if you consistently call out content or people that everyone else thinks are fine, then your reputation may fall in that quadrant  (PS. there is MUCH thought required  here so don't quote it as gospel)

All in all, the shift in the landscape of reputation is toward an economy where you think more about the good of your community and less about your score relative to others  (it's community, not competition)

Therefore @Emily Barnett  you can see why porting over THIS forums points isn't likely to make it into the beta platform.

PS.  You will ALWAYS have your titles.  Founder/Patron:  there may be a million new people on Narrative but you will always own the distinction of being here on day one ....

Actually based on your answer @Michael Farris i don't see  the logic why porting over this forums points isn't likely...quite the opposite.

You say that your score is based on time and behavior, but then you say that to be fair to newbies everyone will be reset to zero. This seems hypocritical. So what you are saying, is that the people whom have just put in a massive amount of time to help build this community on this forum, that it just doesn't count for anything? How is that logical or fair to the people whom have dedicated resources in both time and money, to be here early?

Thinking about the good of the community is all that has been discussed on this platform. I am not at all pleased that it gets reset on April 30. and then again at launch. And I suspect most people, even those that are just starting out on here today or next month are going to be happy about that either, as they still stand to be  much farther along than anyone starts in Q4

My understanding  was that reputation building began prior to the Q4 launch. The fact that it hasn't begun is news to me. My activity on this has been motivated by two things: building Narrative by contributing to the community  dialog that is already here, the second is building my reputation.

Now I understand that my existing activity has been reduced to just a marker for calculating how much of the 200,000 NRVE tokens will be disseminated. Although that is a lovely gesture by the Narrative team, it is not what motivated my activity. I am a big picture person, I planned to be in Narrative for the long haul.  I have been demonstrating the level of activity on the community forum that I will be putting into this platform once we have the ability to post content, BECAUSE reputation matters.

Very disappointed in the reset. Very disappointed in the lack of porting. I feel this was not transparent at all. I think it is hypocritical and devaluing to your founders and patrons to reset, and then tell us that our reputation is garnered on our time and community building activity.