Malkazoid posted:

I agree with Emily.

A small difference - I was aware that the ranking system would not carry over into the actual Narrative platform.

But several community members (myself included) had expressed a while back that it would make little sense if the platform launched without extracting some form of basis for reputation from the very important activity that takes place up until launch.

I had assumed that our user accounts on the main platform would indeed be credited with some form of recognition of our actions here.  I try not to assume too much in life, but I did assume this because it seems so natural that this would be the case.


Well I am guilty of making this assumption. However like you @Malkazoid I am wary of the pitfalls in assumption, which is why I asked this question weeks ago on another thread and got no response. Hence, I asked the question again today. I doubt I am alone in my misunderstanding.

But even if you did know, that does not dismiss the hypocrisy. If this forum was filled with fluff content, I could see why they are unwilling to assign reputation based on it. But that is not the case. The majority of the content on here is about community building and what is good for the community at large. In fact I would go so far as saying that it is only after that they started to remind people of the 200,000 NRV token that it became a bit more about generating dialog simply for points. 

If they need to keep the two platform rank/reputation separate to be fair for the token give away, then they could simple screen shot where people rank  at and figure some way of porting reputation to chaucer, prior to resetting the Community forum.

The whole argument of being fair to newbies is bubkis to me, when you say that time on the platform is a driver to reputation.