Michael Farris posted:

I'll stay with the statement that reputation is such a different beast in Narrative that there is nowhere to plug in something like 5743 points and #18 in ranking.  Anything bodged together to try will fail and occasion complaints.  Better to start afresh.

Think of it like starting college in the fall.  All your grades and awards from high school?  Something to be proud of, of course.  But the first day of classes is the same for all.  You build your reputation in the new system from there.

Trust me when I say you have an immense advantage moving from here to Narrative.  You won't need any headstart to have a stellar reputation.

@Michael Farris

I appreciate your observation, that I and others have an immense headstart.  I have been putting my energy into building my reputation on this platform, and I have been taking it away from other platforms, both centralized and decentralized, in an effort to significantly strengthen that headstart. Hence my sharp response.

Unfortunately I don't agree with your analogy. You see I am not starting "college" in Q4. I actually started "college" in Q1, and you just told me that my tuition and my grades don't count for this semester, because you don't know how to fit them into the system yet, and because you want to be fair to the new students. Perhaps you should have explained that before you accepted enrollment in Q1.

There are human ways to port the activity on the community boards over to the chaucer reputation. There are a lot of people whom have made a significant contributions here. Proving this, one only has to look at the numerous comments on telegram discussing that the best thing Narrative has going for it right now is the community. That is us. That is what the philosophy of Narrative is all about, that the strength of any social media platform, is the content we provide. The community board HAS been content for the last few months. It should be rewarded in Chaucer. And it should not be disregarded just because the code is not in place yet. 

This decision feels very hypocritical to the very messaging that Narrative is putting out.

Not good.