Brian Lenz posted:

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop in and add a bit of background from a technical perspective. In order to provide context, I need to first reiterate that the platform we are using here ( is an online community platform. It's really nothing like what Narrative is going to be. What we are using here is a traditional discussion forum to discuss ideas and share inspiration, which is quite different from the long-form content platform Narrative will be. has a primitive points and ranking model that isn't anything like reputation. The points system is purely activity based, and there's no differentiation between good actions and bad actions (hence why you see people trying to game the system by liking everything and posting one word replies). Narrative, as you know, will be much more intelligent and complex than this. There will be ways that your reputation is determined and interpreted that goes well beyond simply adding and removing points when you do things.

While we haven't put all of the finishing touches on the actual algorithm, I can tell you that at a high level, the algorithm is a series of inputs that will ultimately produce a single output: your reputation. These inputs have a variety of factors including:

  • positive activities, e.g. writing popular content and comments, up-votes, etc.
  • activities that align with the community, e.g. voting with the community, suggesting ideas that get approval such as niches and appeals, etc.
  • negative activities, e.g. writing unpopular content/comments, down-votes, etc.
  • activities that do not align with the community, e.g. voting against the community, suggesting ideas that get rejected such as niches and appeals, etc.
  • general activity / visits / reading content
  • sharing / verifying information
  • and more...

Your reputation will likely be broken down into different facets, each of which will contribute an upper limit toward your reputation.

One key component of the algorithm will be time. The value of your positive actions on the platform will naturally diminish over time. You may build up a very high reputation, but then if you disappear from the platform for a year, you will find your reputation has gone down significantly when you return. You will need to remain active in order to remain a high rep Narrator.

Take all of that together and combine it with the fact that this community is not Narrative and none of the actions here are taking place on Narrative, it's quite natural that our discussion forum points and ranking will not be ported to Narrative. "Discussion forum activity" is not a part of the reputation algorithm because Narrative simply will not have discussion forums.

On the other hand, there are factors of reputation being tracked already on Chaucer ( While the full reputation system isn't in place yet, the system is tracking reputation metrics that will ultimately play into Narrative's reputation engine. So, those actions will have an impact when the platform launches. If you're someone who votes "no" on every niche (including many of which the community ultimately approves), that will definitely have a negative impact on your reputation in Narrative. Conversely, if you are a positive influencer whose votes align with the community, who pays for niches on time, and suggest good niches, that will have a positive impact on your rep.

It has never been our intent to incorporate your activity here into Narrative, and I don't see that changing. In spite of that, we wanted to cultivate an active, vibrant, and engaged community leading up to the platform launch. That's why we launched the Community Rewards program: we wanted to further incentivize (and reward!) all of you for being a part of the Narrative community at these early stages.

I'm sorry that some of you have assumed your activity on these forums would somehow be ported over to Narrative, but I don't believe anyone from the Narrative team ever implied or insinuated that they would. I would ask that you just give the system a chance to work. Once Narrative launches, you will be able to very quickly build upon your Chaucer reputation and I believe this discussion will be long forgotten.

We really appreciate all of your support and passion for Narrative, and even though I don't think this is the answer some of you are looking for, I hope you all continue to participate as you have been. You're an important part of Narrative, and we appreciate you're all here with us from the beginning.


I think this makes a lot of sense.   Thanks for taking the time to illuminate some of the details about reputation going forward.  The people contributing a ton right now will reap the benefit through the 200k NRVE rewards....I think that is more than fair.