Thanks @Emily Barnett.  You are voicing this in a way I believe represents the very natural concern every person who has been engaged in helping Narrative probably feels at this point.

@Brian Lenz - thanks for the in depth explanation.  It is helpful to know these things.  Unfortunately there is a flaw in your approach.  Fortunately (for me), it is a very easy one to communicate, so I won't have to expend too much effort doing so.  I earn more money in the real world than any NRVE reward that might come my way for this, so energy thrift has suddenly became quite relevant.

The flaw is this: you are dismissing discussion forum posts because Narrative won't have discussion forums.  Why get hung up on the discussion forum aspect? There are zero reasons to give importance to this from where I stand.  A post is a post.  These are posts that belong here just as much as they would on a Narritive niche.  Why not view this entire discussion forum as a Narrative Niche?  You can give it a name if it helps follow this reasoning.  Perhaps you could call it Narrative Genesis.  Or something like that.

This is actually a semi-serious proposition - not just a mechanism to demonstrate how unnecessary it is to view posts to this discussion forum as somehow incompatible with contributions to Narrative.  Such a niche will probably garner a fair amount of traffic over the years, for historic reasons.  In other words, it has value within the Narrative ecosystem, as well as being valuable to its formation.

Anyway, an even simpler way of putting it is that activity builds reputation.  That's part of your description of the reputation algorithm.  Posting to this community forum is activity.  Simple as that.

Even if you, for some reason, don't see the value of the above suggested niche - it does not negate that we, the first community contributors to Narrative, are conducting activity, and activity is rewarded with reputation.

The 200,000 NRVE

I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that everyone appreciates these rewards.  I personally think it was a great idea to motivate the budding community with them.

But I don't understand how this is somehow relevant to reputation being denied to activity here.  After all, on the Narrative platform that will launch in Q4, people get both financial and reputation rewards for their participation?  

The way forwards

I don't claim to know how to resolve this issue, but I do know that carrying with you the momentum of never having intended to carry any reputation forwards from activity on these forums... is not actually a solution.  It is just momentum of a previously held concept.  What I do ask of you is that the rationales and the natural and legitimate grievances felt by the community about this, be engaged with towards an outcome that adequately honours our efforts here.  

If the NRVE is the aspect you are looking at, you need to understand that for those of us who attach more importance to community service and the reputation that should come from it, granting no kind of reputation for the months of daily contributions of our best ideas and efforts is as insulting as if you decided to take away the NRVE rewards from those who are more financially motivated.  I think you can readily appreciate that there would be huge dissatisfaction if you credited everyone with their NRVE rewards, then at launch, took it all away again, "because it would be unfair to newbies."