@Narrative Network Team@Brian Lenz

A simple proposal for a Narrative Genesis niche.

1) Each first post from this discussion forum site could be set up as a post in the niche.  All subsequent posts in that thread could be ported as comments to that initial post.

2) Posts and comments could be likeable by members after launch, whether the likes from this forum are included in the ported Narrative Genesis niche or not.  The ultimate, if technically feasible, would be to have historic likes shown, but not necessarily used in any computation, and then active Narrative platform likes also shown in a more vibrant way, next to that.  The historic likes could be labeled as just that 'Historic likes'.  But this should not be viewed as, or construed as a hurdle to making this niche - if it is a problem, it doesn't need to be done.

3) Historic threads could allow new comments from the narrative community after launch, possibly distinguished by a dividing line in the stream separating pre-launch and post-launch content, and/or a different color/style to the headers of post-launch comments.

4) New, post-launch threads could be started to discuss various historic aspects of the genesis of Narrative.

5) This niche could be a special kind of niche, with no owner.  The 10% owner network reward for that niche could be split between all historic participants in these discussions, pro-rated to word count.  Content creator rewards could behave the same way they do for other niches, for post-launch contributors to the niche.


1) Narrative launches with substantially more quality content than if this content is not included.

2) The participants in these formative community discussions are properly recognised for the content they have created, and are continuing to create

3) Narrative continues to embody the ideals it set forth in its white paper.

4) The historic value could be truly substantial, and would be proportional to the success of Narrative.  If Narrative becomes the most prominent social network, or even just one of the top five, people would find value in the genesis of its community, potentially for decades to come, and these materials may be examined and discussed in academic circles.  A success story of decentralised community building would be a fascinating case study, with relevance to a number of parallel endeavours towards decentralised economies and governance.  I'm not certain there are very many other such initiatives out there that are accumulating such an exhaustive public record of their genesis.  This should be valued.

5) For the remainder of the pre-launch period (at least a good 5 months left), members have the added incentive to provide truly valuable contributions to these forums.  They will be galvanised by the knowledge that they are already creating actual Narrative Content.  Not just for a share of one-time NRVE air-drop, but for a share of a niche that will endure.  But more importantly, not just for NRVE, but for the for the beginnings of their reputation on the platform.  We're all chomping at the bit to do just that: create actual Narrative Content, and prove to each other our enthusiasm, belief in and commitment to the success of Narrative.  Right now, we have 5 months before we can start doing that, but it doesn't have to be that way.  We should use this motivation, and channel it into enhancing what we are doing now, by defining it as actual Narrative Content that generates reputation. 

This last, fifth point is certainly not the least of these benefits.