Banter posted:
Please try not to take this the wrong way, but I feel like what is really coming across in these posts is that 'we put in a lot of time we could have been doing something else earning a real paycheck so we should be compensated better'.  I think that was the whole point of the NRVE rewards, to compensate people for helping jump start the alpha.  If you feel that isn't enough compensation, fair enough. 

Don't worry - I'm not taking it the wrong way.  I know in my case, and I strongly suspect in Emily's case, that you are simply incorrect.  Being wrong is not insulting to me

I think I've articulated already that the important thing is to properly motivate people, to not miss good opportunities for the network, and to act in accordance with Narrative principles.  Actions speak louder than words, in the end - and the actions of doomed ventures, in hindsight, always herald their demise, regardless of what their words claimed.  Likewise for success stories.

If NRVE is the only proper motivation on Narrative, then we might as well be Steemit.

We all aspire to be more than Steemit, and doing that means people having a sense of community service.  Not only because they are getting paid, but because they care about the quality of content on Narrative, and want it to be run in a way that is fair, smooth, and leads to a successful network for all.

That's the core of our contributions to these forums.  It would take a special kind of foolish for me to see a relatively small NRVE reward as more important than the success of Narrative.  Even in purely material forms, a successful Narrative platform will net me hundreds of times more NRVE than these initial community forum awards.

The success of Narrative will come from us all making a long string of successful decisions to foster and maintain the right community spirit - it is, and will continue to be our greatest strength, but also our greatest weakness.  If we destroy it, or betray it, it will be lost.

Central to this community spirit is reputation.  It isn't just about my reputation: I want everyone to put forth their best in the next 5 months before launch because they care about their reputation.  The success of the platform relies on this, so to remove that component from the cumulative thousands of 'person hours' the community will have put in by launch time seems to be a terrible mistake to me.

I hope this is now clear to you, just as I hope my track record of posting substantive posts should tell you clearly I'm not just here for the NRVE.  I don't think there is any benefit to posting posts that take me 30-45 minutes to write, as opposed to ones that take 5 minutes.  It actually puts me at a distinct disadvantage, because someone else can post 5-10 posts in the time I take to post one.  Think about it.


    I personally am not against the idea of creating a Niche like you suggested, and having the Narrative team port all of these 'posts', as original content pieces into that niche and have all of the comments ported as well.  I think it would be an interesting source of history.  This would also allow you to potentially get some compensation based on views / interactions once we go live so it wouldn't just be dead forgotten content.

Fantastic - I'm glad you see the value!