All the founders and patrons have spent months building the base layer-the core--the niches.  Those that were most involved rose in the ranks and lead the way--The top 10-15 really did this. Harj, Emily, Malkazoid, and a few others really have given it their all.   


NOW I see we won't get this hard earned reputation, it will not transfer to the final edition of narrative.  The newbie should not factor in this decision because they did not give money to narrative.  They did not give the cash that will be used to grow the network.

The reputation scores need to be transferred and never reset.  Simple.



I am saying this to all the new crypto people on here.  I am saying it to be honest and because I don't want people to loose money.  

This is the smallest exchange I've ever seen.  Today the volume in the btc/usd chart topped at 18 btc total 24 hour volume.  And now it is 12 btc.  THE entire exchange has about 12 coins , 4 dead listings , and a total 24 hour volume avg. around 120 btc.  This is so low it makes no sense.  NO volume, no liquidity, means a serious dump can and will occur when frustrated a bag holder gets on BITEBTC>. but they may not go there why???


Because it is an exchange that is not listed on CMC. RED FLAG


NO go. DO not send your personal KYC info there.  NO picture of your passport, ID , etc.



And wake up team this is a bad look, today you upset all factions, bag holders, builders, and the poor kids that wanted to flip for a lambo.