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Dear @Narrative Network Team

I have been waiting for a response from you on this important thread. I have even attempted to prompt a response, over on telegram. Time is ticking on this thread; the reset is imminent. The team's radio silence is deafening! This raises even bigger concerns for me.

Given the likes and comments on this page, the articulate commenting, and the private messages I have been receiving, I think it is fair to say a strong cross section of the community is not happy about the lack of reputation being applied for the content we have all contributed on the community page.

The reasoning that has been offered, for not porting any reputation over to our chaucer profile, is because it doesn't fit in to the reputation system in a neat and tidy way...that some people will complain. So your solution is to devalue everyone!?

At this moment I am still on board with 2 feet firmly on the deck of the ship called Narrative. But like @Whitmal I believe this team needs to wake up, if you want to navigate this ship from the tight confines of the harbor, out to sea.

You have pretty much disappointed every type of investor that you have this past week. The team has reserved 20,000,000 NRV coins for itself and expects to make more money from the non-crypto's exchange rate to fiat, that we all bring into the system with our initial niches. I support that ratio, but I assure you, it will not be easy. We have  expectations for the money we have given you in trust, to get this thing going. And your tokens are meaningless if they don't have value, our words give it the value.  Making decisions like you did on Friday,"best to reset", simply because it is  the best option for you guys, is not going to cut it. It just won't. 

I have posted the above screenshot taken from the Narrative website. This decision to not figure out a way to port the reputation that we have all been building over to chaucer platform is arbitrarily being enforced.  A solution has been suggested that could work, and so far it appears to have been ignored by you. This is a pivotal moment for Narrative to demonstrate what kind of platform it truly is, and if it really does practice what it states. That it puts the control in the hands of the community. So far I see only moderate evidence of that.

Members of the community have spoken that we want more control on this decision and you are, to date publically ignoring that, and warning me specifically, not to speak about it while using the word hypocrisy. From a customer stand point that is a very bad move. From a communication standpoint it is a very bad move.  From an investors standpoint that is a very bad move.

Waiting for a response.



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