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Introducing NRVEWorthy

Michael Farris ·
Soon the world will be invited. No more waitlists, just the World’s Journal for a thousand writers looking for home and a million more Narrators with a story to tell.

Re: Introducing NRVEWorthy

Very nice suggestion to bring more creative person in narrative throughout the world..Everybody in narrative community should do the same thing . #NRVEworthy. Nice suggestion..
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NRVEWorthy Promotion for Your Niche?

Michael Farris ·
We've been running regular #NRVEWorthy posts to highlight the kind of great writing that belongs in the Narrative #contentrevolution Imagine memorable titles such as NRVEWorthy or DYI Trying and NRVEWorthy laughs at your job in your content stream! Check all of them out here . We tagged all those authors on Twitter too. The response to all of them was good. Do you want your Niche promoted? Just email us at [email protected] . A ticket is automatically created in the system (no need to...

Re: NRVEWorthy Promotion for Your Niche?

New Social Media ·
This is really a gamechanging idea, thank you so much, @michaelf ! I only fear that not every niche owner got the good news. Is there a way to inform all of them by e-mail? And new niche buyers right at the beginning? Otherwise this important possibility might be lost which would be a shame. Thank you!