How can I help promote Narrative?

We're so happy you asked! Here are some resources that you may use to help spread the word about Narrative. Not finding what you're looking for? Submit your request to [email protected]

Want to promote your Niche or help people find you on Narrative?

Here are some badges you can use, linking back to your profile or Niche:


Follow Me on Narrative Badge


Follow My Niche Badge

Want to explain what Narrative is?

Flipping the Big Social model, Narrative is a content network that puts the members in charge, makes good content easy to find, and distributes 85 percent of revenue to users.

One liner:

Narrative is a content network where members rule and are rewarded.

Here are some helpful videos:

Here is a Tip for writing an email invitation

Here are some example posts to use in social media: 

  • Be part of building the World's Journal and join the #contentrevolution. Check out 
  • Calling all content creators….there is a new platform where content creators actually share in all the revenues!  Need a new home where you efforts are rewarded? Check out #contentrevolution
  • Want to be part of building the World's Journal?  Become #moderator for my niche called {Insert Niche Name here} and we will build it together. {link to your Moderator Election page}. Join Narrative now at
  • Calling all moderators - need moderators for my Niches in the new content platform, Narrative.  Interested in moderating topics like (Niche Names here with tags if appropriate).  Join me at

For Twitter posts, if you tag @narrative_hq, we will retweet!

  • Socialize interesting posts to your social channels directly off the Content Page.  


Here is an example on Twitter:

Screenshot 2019-04-10 09.35.44

Here is an example on FB:

Facebook post

Want to attract some great content contributors?

Reach out to them on Social Media or Email and tell them they are #NRVEWorthy.  Ready about NRVEWorthy here.

Are you a Niche Owner? Request a Digital Card and promote interesting posts to your Niche. 

Here are some other Brand Assets you can use
*Guidelines: Please indicate that you are an unofficial representative of Narrative if using for social media profiles/etc. Do not modify design of logo in any way. This includes adding words, changing color, adding a drop shadow, or other design treatment.



Narrative Logo (Color)

Narrative Logo (White)

Narrative Logomark (Color)

Narrative Logomark (White)


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