How can I use content created by someone else in my post?

Always give credit where credit is due, and make sure that the original author receives the credit for their work.

Below we have provided some guidance on what not to do verses what you can do. 

What not to do

You should never copy/paste the article that you did not write and then use a canonical link.

Why is this wrong? Because a canonical link says "*I* originally wrote this content someplace else." If you did not write the original article do not use a canonical link to it. Here is more information on Canonical links.

You also should not copy/paste the article in its' entirety. Even if you have a link somewhere in your post leading back to the original, you shouldn't post the entirety of the article.  

You should not copy parts of another article that was not written by you either.  Simply shortening it does not make it your own.  

What should you do

Embed the original. If you use our embed tool and paste in the URL it will show an excerpt and then a link to the original article. This will properly attribute the original, and guide people to the actual article.  Here is what it will look like.

Quote excerpts. Use our quote tool, but properly attribute the quote to the author. In this example we have named the author, linked to her original, and the magazine that she represents. In this example, we have only quoted the important part of her article in an excerpt, instead of copy/pasting the entire thing. We want the author to receive credit for her work and we do not want to appear to be the author of her writing.  This is how it would look

It is important to make sure that we use the tools that we have to credit the original authors with their work.


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