How do I create content in Narrative?

Here is a link to a short video tutorial.  Below is written help.  

Can you help me navigate to where I post content?
At the very top in the right corner of any page in the Narrative Alpha is a Post icon. Screenshot 2019-04-02 11.37.54 Just click it. This will launch the Post Text Editor.

How do I add a picture to my post?
When you click into the Body area of the posting in the Post Text Editor form an X sign will appear.  Click that, and then choose “Insert Image.”

Note that the X sign is only visible when you start a fresh text line. In other words, if you are in the middle of typing something, you will need to hit enter to start a new line. The X will then be noticeable.

Is video supported too?
Many video embeds are supported. Direct uploading of videos to Narrative is not yet supported.

How do I style and align my text? Add a link?
Highlight your text and the wysiwyg editor appears.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 11.42.14

Can I edit after I have posted or created a draft?
Yes. At any time you can go back into your profile, and under Manage Posts you’ll see both your posts organized as Published or Draft. You can edit any of them by clicking on the three dots (…).

Can I delete a post or a draft?
Yes, the same way that you edit. On the right side of the Title, you will see three dots (…). Scrolling over them, you will get the option to delete or edit the post.

Will my post go live automatically? When?
If you click on the Publish button when you are done making or editing your post, it will publish immediately at this time. At a later time, when Moderator's are elected, individual Niches may opt to approve posts before they are added to the Niche.  Your post will still be live in your personal Journal if you publish there, and to other Niches if they do not require pre-approval.

Do I have to post to a Niche?
No. You don’t have to choose a Niche. You can post to just your own personal Journal if you like.  However, only content associated with at least one Niche is eligible for rewards.

Can anyone see my post?
Once you Publish the post is it viewable to everyone. Drafts are not viewable.


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